The Float Chair

RestStation Therapy

How does it work?

The Float Chair is an audio/vibrational system that utilizes precisely choreographed music, synchronized with binaural beats. Our Reststation Therapy sessions, when conducted regularly, allow you to overcome deep rooted, negative patterns of thought and behavior.

Our binural beats system delivers two different frequencies between your left and right ear. This causes your brain to follow the difference in a constant rhythm. Based on what you are interested in feeling, we will give your brain the appropriate waves to follow.

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There are two aspects of how and why Reststation therapy is effective in reducing stress and improving one’s mental state.

First, there is the scientific side. (Jon has to fill in the science 2-3 sentences)

Then there is the holistic side. Imagine yourself getting a massage. One of the first things you think of is the music. You may have also thought of the dimmed lights and serene environment. This is what gives you the ability to relax your muscles and enjoy the massage. Much the same, our reststation therapy takes place in an environment that allows you to be calm and connected to yourself.

The therapy puts it all together so you leave feeling better. We offer a variety of different sessions.

If you are interested in experiencing 8 hours of sleep in just one hour, we can do that.
If you would rather spend 30 minutes to de-stress at the end of a long day, we can do that.
If you really want to spend 90 minutes to experience a deep meditation, we can do that too.
Let us know what you want, and we can do that.

Check out our Pricing & Packages.

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